Thursday, June 2, 2011

What a Day!

 So, my mom and I did make it to Mary Jo's, and it was a wonderful and productive afternoon. Just looking through their huge selection of gorgeous upholstery fabrics could take half a day. (some were on sale for as little as $6.49 US a yard!!!) I promise I am not in any way sponsored by Mary Jo's, I am just a little in awe of the place.One hiccup of the day, kind of a big one, we blew out a tire on the way to Mary Jo's. This was pretty scary and totally inconvenient, but thank God we were near an exit ramp, and we were totally safe. As my poor car hobbled into the nearest gas station, a super kind stranger put our spare on for us! He earned like 50 Golden Karma points!! I normally hate to play the helpless female, but in this situation, my mom and I were very near helpless. We have no idea how to go about jacking up a car, much less loosening lug nuts. Even if we did know, I couldn't find the wrench, so it was an overall blessing that said stranger took time out of his busy day to help us out! I am just always pleasantly surprised by how we all treat each other when accidents (minor in my case) or tragedies ( like in Joplin) occur. We can really be pretty great to one another when we want to! Needless to say, I was to flustered to take any photos, so I will leave you with a random work of mine in order to pretty up this post!

Barn Owl - Rebekah Drey Haynes


  1. oh man i get soo excited going to the fabric store in can get lost there and i could literally spend hundreds of dollars there! i don't think i could work there, i would spend my whole paycheck on fabric!

    glad you had a great time, fabric shopping always is a great time!


    p.s. i spy my button, eek thanks sweetie and made my day!

  2. you're welcome! your blog is fun, so I wanna share! Fabric is great, I think it is just so full of potential, you don't know what to do! Pillows, clothes, accessories, curtains,...

  3. oh boy, you have two of my obsessions in one owl and fabric. they make my heart go pit-pat.

  4. I have a small collection of owl figurines, that I need to take some photos of. I have loved owls since I can remember. I am thankful that we have a few Barred Owls in our back yard, and when I am up late I can hear them calling.